Smart Energy, Smart Savings

Explore the future of home energy and sustainable living with Q Energy and Midea

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Our Partnership

Q Energy is excited to be a strategic partner of Fortune 500 company Midea, combining their advanced battery products with our award-winning technology.

This synergy promises to revolutionise household energy management. We’re committed to delivering smart,
green and cost-effective solutions that benefit your customers and foster sustainability.

Smart Energy, Smart Savings.

Reveal the secrets of the award-winning technology and our innovative solutions with Midea

Our Innovative Solutions

Facing rising energy costs, Q Energy collaborates with Fortune 500 company Midea to launch an integrated energy-saving package. Together with Midea Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), the QEnergy™ Smart Energy App leverages AI and machine learning to deliver smart savings straight to your pocket. This seamless integration extends to all branded energy assets, offering real-time monitoring through a single app, simplifying your energy management journey.

QEnergy™ App

The QEnergy™ App harnesses advanced IoT and AI technology to streamline your energy management, delivering effortless savings.

Midea BESS

Enjoy Midea BESS reliability and superior quality from proud international brand and official partner of Manchester City.

Deliver Real Convenience with Midea BESS and QEnergy™ App

  • Maximise savings with the minimal efforts, all energy optimisation are decided and automated through AI and machine learning
  • Your customers could monitor all renewables assets from any brand all in one app, including solarPV, battery, EV charger, heat pump

Let AI decide what's
best for you


Save money on your
energy bills


Peace of mind via
all-in-one monitoring


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